Films that Enlighten, Educate, Entertain

Even before the first Gulf War and more urgently since 9/11, my inspiration was to make films that break down stereotypes, promote cultural understanding and entertain.

Our most recent films include Just Your Average Arab and Santa Claus in Baghdad.

Just Your Average Arab is about a group of Arab Americans, days after 9/11, who anxiously enter a convenience store and begin taking survival lessons on how to be more American: look, accent, hair color, etc. Ibrahim becomes Abe, Habib El Dick becomes plain Dick – you get the picture. In the meantime, the FBI listens in on their conversations, believing that they are the next big terrorist cell.

Awarded Boston Comedy’s Film Festival Best Film Award in 2006, Just Your Average Arab has become a sleeper hit among college professors. It is now being used as an educational tool in classrooms everywhere to discuss racial profiling and cultural misunderstandings. This satirical comedy, hailed by the Boston Globe as ‘Laugh out loud funny but the message is deadly serious’, is now available for purchase.

Santa Claus in Baghdad is a story about giving. The film is based on the Elsa Marston book: Santa Claus in Baghdad. We always felt the need for American people to see more commonalities between them and the people of Iraq and Middle Eastern people in general. You can now order it with a free study guide included.

We encourage you to see both films and to spread the word about them to whoever seeks a better understanding of the Middle East through entertainment. We continue to make films revolving around the same theme, and our goal is to make a series of feature length films, God speed.