Independent Films

Even before the first Gulf War and more urgently since 9/11, my inspiration was to make films that break down stereotypes, promote cultural understanding and entertain.

We encourage you to watch all these films and to spread the word about them to whomever seeks a better understanding of the Middle East through entertainment. We continue to make films revolving around the same theme, and our goal is to make a series of feature length films, God speed.


An autistic man loses both parents to COVID. Now that he’s alone, he decides to go out into a world that scares him and meets a blind woman that opens his eyes to what life has to offer.

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When a withdrawn Middle Eastern man begins frequenting a Boston café, the headwaiter grows increasingly suspicious about the true nature of his visits.

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Santa Claus in Baghdad

It’s a story about sacrifices, the social order of society, and the power of a simple gift. Santa Claus in Baghdad is a story about giving set in modern-day Iraq.

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Just Your Average Arab

Just Your Average Arab follows the lives of several Arab-Americans following the events of 9/11.

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Beyond the Grid

Andrew is a simple, dignified gentleman just looking for love. But when he arrives at Debi’s home for their first date, he is unprepared for just how “off the grid” she lives.

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An American Paleontologist and her Egyptian desert guide are lost in the Sahara searching for fossils of petrified whales.

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The Mourner’s Wife

A professional mourner meets a grieving woman at a funeral and attempts to recruit her in his unusual business.

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