Just Your Average Arab is a short film that follows the lives of several Arab-Americans following the events of 9/11.


Winner of the Audience Award - 7th Annual Boston Comedy & Film Festival 2006

Official Selection at the Plymouth Independent Film Festival 2006

Official Selection at the Arab Comedy Festival 2006



Just Your Average Arab is a comedy in which Arab-American characters meet in the storage room of a convenience store where they take an “Arab American Survival Guide post 9/11” class. The characters learn how to change their names, appearance, and accents to look more “American” and to avoid scrutiny from a terrorist-fearing American public. What follows is a hilarious ride that combines political anxiety, comedy, satire, and a script that will cause you to laugh and think.


"This film is laugh-out-loud funny but the message is dead serious" – Denise Taylor, The Boston Globe

"...the most interesting, varied multicultural ensemble I've seen in a Boston-area film." – Gerald Peary, The Boston Phoenix

"A witty satire that takes on the hot topic of racial profiling, while cleverly breaking down the stereotypes endured by post 9/11 Arab-Americans." – Scott J. Thompson, Full-time Visiting Professor at Boston University

"Thank you for showing Just Your Average Arab to the Bridgewater State College community. It was a wonderful turnout followed by a great discussion session." – Dr. Jabbar Al-Obaidi, Chair of Communication Studies, Bridgewater State College

"I thought Just Your Average Arab was a moving, educational, and funny film. I showed it to all my classes." – Susan Erickson, MFA, Central New Mexico Community College

"Pushing some clichés and stereotypes to the excess, Just Your Average Arab turns post-USA Patriot Act paranoia into a comedy that makes one think how Arabs are seen nowadays in the United States." – Emerson College Journalism Review

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