Fireflies, a film without dialog, is the story of a withdrawn Middle Eastern man who begins frequenting a Boston café, and the headwaiter that grows increasingly suspicious about the true nature of his visits.



Fireflies Seeks to Make Viewers Think Deeper About Racial Profiling – Colby Cyrus, Arab America

“Fifteen minutes of silent power, emotion, and reflection. That is how I describe director Raouf Zaki’s newest film, Fireflies, which speaks to the nature of Arab American racial profiling in America.”

Explorations of identity, power, and time at the 19th Annual Roxbury International Film Festival – Mashael Alqahtani,

“Beyond the production’s technically well-executed product — in composition, sound, and direction — Fireflies speaks to powerful biases and truths that lie dormant in our society, and more importantly, within ourselves.”

Fireflies, Writing a Global Blockbuster, & Staying Motivated – Justin Kincaid,

“If you use the alien invading your town as an archetype of the fear of your society, then your film has a message, and everybody can relate to that.”

In ‘Fireflies,’ exploration of racial profiling – Loren King, The Boston Globe

“The controversy ignited by President Trump’s attempts at banning travelers from several largely Muslim countries provides a dramatic and timely context for Holliston filmmaker Raouf Zaki’s Fireflies.”

Fireflies (2017) short film review – Carl Burgess, Screencritix

“With what has been happening in the world recently, Fireflies couldn’t be more appropriately timed and relevant if it tried.”

“Fireflies” – (Short Film Review) – Andrew Buckner, A Word of Dreams

“For both the cinephile interested in seeing an exhibition of sheer craft as well as those who want to perceive existence through someone else’s eyes: This is mandatory viewing.”

Fireflies short film – Chris Olson, UK Film Review

Fireflies is a powerful and painfully relevant piece of short filmmaking, one that will make audiences feel decidedly unnerved for all the right reasons.”


  • Raouf Zaki – Producer / Director / Editor
  • Charles Hall – Writer
  • Kenn Gonneville – Director of Photography
  • Hana Zaki – Production Designer
  • Laurel Cunningham-Hill – Art Director / Set Designer
  • Chirin Ashkar – Costume Designer
  • Paul Stamper – Editor / Visual Effects
  • Steven Kaldeck – Visual Effects
  • Saman Samadi – Original Music


  • Essam Ferris – Middle Eastern man
  • Mitch Fortier – Waiter
  • Nour Bitar – Middle Eastern mother
  • Rina Hassani – Middle Eastern daughter


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